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All Guilds Meeting - September 2013

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Yet another All Guilds Meeting is over - and this one, clocking in at just under three quarters of an hour, might just be one of the shortest AGMs in recent history. Even though Doobes, everyone's favourite AGM moderator (at least when that handsome devil of a co-Guild Master isn't around...), was absent due to real life reasons, Lyrositor was able to serve as a substitute for the duration of the meeting. As usual, if you missed the meeting (or if you don't trust your memory), our chatlogs are available here, both raw and cleansed; if you don't feel like going through logs, you can also read our brilliantly written summary (currently being submitted as a candidate for Nobel Prize in Literature):

Guild of Linguists

KathAveara (formerly known as DLordOfTime) was first to present for the newly-reformed Guild of Linguists, since the old D'ni Linguistic Fellowship (DLF) has been inactive for quite a while now. He wishes to continue the old guild's work on the languages of the world of D'ni (D'ni, Narayani and Bahro). You can check out its website here (currently being expanded by Kath).

Kath then went to announce the guild's first project, which is to compile an archive of the old DLF website, using the Internet Wayback Machine. Considering the size of the old website, this is a pretty considerable undertaking; therefore, Kath is asking for volunteers to contact him, either by PM on the MO:ULa/Cyan forums or through the Guild's own forums. Additionally, KathAveara mentioned that he'd eventually need someone to create a mock website for the archive, in order to browse it as though it was the real website.


Kaaja was next to present. She expressed her thanks to all the community members involved in hosting D'nipalooza, musicians in particular. The music is available for download on the MO:ULa forums. Finally, she hopes to repeat the event next year.

Guild of Messengers

Up next was our very own Guild of Messengers. Lyrositor spoke on our behalf, reminding everyone that Episode 2 of Uru2U is now available for viewing on YouTube and that the video team is hard at work at producing Episode 3. He also mentioned that Nev'yn would update the Guild's history section with the next period of history by next week. Finally, Lyrositor announced that the guild website would eventually be transferred to his server, and that some downtime should be expected as a result during the transition.

Samoth then quickly teased everyone by mentioning a new project of his entitled "The Wonders of D'ni"... but refused to provide any more information, leaving many curious and excited!


Christopher, on behalf of the Open Cave team, was last to present. He mentioned an upcoming Heek Tournament on the TOC Shard, to be hosted on the 28th of September at 19:00 UTC (13:00 KI Time). The winner will get a small trophy placed in his Relto.


And that was it for this month. CAVCON for August was 3.0, which means donations were just enough to meet expenses without having to dig into the now nearly empty reserve fund. See you next month!

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